details, details ….

What sounds better than chili and homemade bread when it’s blizzarding and cold outside?  That’s what I thought during last weekend’s blizzard.  My chili recipe is one that I like to start in the morning and let it cook all day long in a crock pot.  My bread recipe also takes all day to make and it is my Grandma’s recipe, so it reminds me of her.  Last Saturday night’s supper was on track to be delicious.

Unfortunately, that was not the case.   Apparently, I added twice the chili powder to the chili, making it super spicy and I omitted adding just 2 tsp of salt to the rolls making them completely bland.  My current scapegoat is to blame the ISU men’s basketball game that day who distracted me when I should have been reading the recipe!

What a day shot – chili too spicy to eat, rolls to bland too enjoy, and an ISU game lost!  Even though I’ve made these two recipes so many times that I really don’t need to read the recipes anymore, obviously I still need to!

My point is, there are all kinds of “little” details called endorsements that we, as insurance agents meticulously add to our customers policies to make sure there is not a “seasoning” error at claim time.  Endorsements on property coverage like snow load, livestock blizzard coverage, ice jam coverage, and liability coverage for ice slips and falls are all important in Iowa.  Crop Insurance endorsements like OU, EU, and BU, harvest price coverage, trend adjustment, yield adjustment, prevent plant buy up, and yield cups make huge coverage differences.

So next time you hear that insurance coverage and premiums are the same no matter where you buy it, remember that the details of your policy can make your claims experience either satisfying or disappointing.  At Hopkins Insurance it is our goal to make sure the details of your coverage are exactly what you want them to be, not too spicy and not too bland, but just right for you!

Written By: Lori Hopkins